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Security Guards and Bouncers Have Your Say

This website is designed for Security Guards and Bouncers in the  Private Security Industry wanting to voice their views regarding industrial relations, employment law, employee rights, workplace harassment and security guard training and obtaining a security licence.

Award Modernisation

On the 1 January 2010, Fair Work Australia legislation took effect to introduce Award Modernisation. As from July 2011 it now means that all security guards and bouncers working in Australia will be governed by this new award the Security Services Industry Award 2010. There was a transition process whereby different pay rates from the different states were brought in line over the period 2011 to 2014 to the current pay rates in the award. Comment on the Security Services Industry Award 2010 and the current situation as to Enterprise Bargaining Agreements are on this page.

There is a Pay Slip Calculator which reflects current pay rates according to the Security Services Industry Award 2010.  You can check your pay slip against what is the minimum pay you should have received.

Security Guard Forum

To have your say, become a member of the Security Guard Forum. You can post on any subject in the Private Security Industry, monitor what happens on the Forum through the RSS system, and message other members.

A security company, when employing you, asks many personal questions to assess if you will make a good employee. You do not have this opportunity to ask them the same questions. Through the Security Guard Forum, information on employers or past employers will enable a record to be gathered on each security company. You will have the ability to assess whether you wish to work for this security company.

Through the Forum, others can give advice, information can be gathered and workplaces can be organized.    The benefits of this website will only work if the many people employed in the Private Security Industry are aware that it exists. 

You can help in this regard by mentioning this website to your fellow work mates or by clicking on the Facebook Like button at the bottom of this page.

Enterprise Agreements

There have been many Old Employee Collective Agreements, Australian Workplace Agreements and lately Enterprise Agreements and that strip away employee rights.  The 'Collective Bargaining' page details what should happen when bargaining negotiation happens for an Enterprise Agreement.  If this did not happen in your workplace, then you have a right to complain to the Fair Work Ombudsman. 

Sub-Contracting Issues and Sham Contracting

Many security job advertisements ask that the applicant have an Australian Business Number (ABN). Working under an independent contractor agreement as a security officer sub-contractor can open you up to many pitfalls. You give up many of your employee rights you had being an employee.

Recognizing some of these may help you make a clued-up decision as to whether you want to enter into this deal. The 'Sham Contracting' page deals with the minefield of security officer sub-contracting. If you know of security companies that practice sham contracting then expose them on the Security Guard Forum.

Vicarious Liability

'Vicarious' means acting or done for another and 'Liability' means 'under legal obligation'. Vicarious Liability occurs when an employer is responsible for the actions of their employee. 

The issue of vicarious liability is the reason why it is so important for security officers to know and follow the instructions of their employers. This page 'Vicarious Liability' explains what to be aware of and how to protect yourself against public liability issues that may arise.

Security Licence and Security Guard Training

Obtaining a security licence has become a complicated and expensive exercise. More police checks on security licence applicants increases the cost of renewing a security licence each year. Security guard training has become a sham with the result security workers are under trained and with little knowledge of the law.

Knowledge of the law is the security worker's 'stock in trade'. Security guard training schools are being told by the State authorities to deliver full training to students. This is to stop the rort that some of the training schools are carrying out by awarding training certificates with only a few days training at a high cost to the student. 

Your views about the security guard training school that trained you and the quality of training you received is important to others who are considering employment in the security industry. Make a post on the Security Guard Forum about your experiences.

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