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Message started by charlie on 11. Dec 2013 at 15:02

Title: DBT Security Services
Post by charlie on 11. Dec 2013 at 15:02
Not sure who to go to next, I have reported this company to OCBA about there use of non licensed personnel and yet they still do it.
There is one so called patrolman working in the Riverland region ( Berri and surrounding townships) doing night patrols and alarm attendances unlicensed,
and has been for the last 6 years. OCBA was supplied with his name and places of patrols being carried out, but unless photo's of him performing these patrols can be produced they say they cant do anything. I know he's even being paid cash so theres no record of him with this company. Makes me so mad when I pay for my licence yearly and do the correct thing to obtain employment yet these people get away with breaking the law.

Title: Re: DBT Security Services
Post by Major Function on 12. Dec 2013 at 05:09
If he has recieved cash payment notify the ATO. Give the company 's name, the employee's name, where the work was performed and on what days.

I worked for a Newcastle company at one time and refused to take cash for 'extract' shifts, I was not asked to work 'extract' shifts again.

Title: Re: DBT Security Services
Post by Administrator on 12. Dec 2013 at 10:40

See if the police are interested in what is happening on their turf.

Failing that and reporting them to the ATO, get yourself an ABN and contact the businesses and tell them that an unlicensed guard is operating on their property and you, as a licensed guard can do the job for the same money.

If governments make laws, and the government department responsible for implementing and regulating those laws are not inclined to police them, then the whole system falls down.

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