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Message started by dreadman on 05. Dec 2014 at 23:18

Title: Armytek Wizard and Zebralight H600w MK II
Post by dreadman on 05. Dec 2014 at 23:18
Armytek Wizard:

Zebralight H600w MK II:

I my opinion, this is the best lights to carry around
if you need light in the dark. Both are headlamps, but they have a pocket clip which you can use as hand held torch. I wore this one on my shirt or vest front pocket and it was easy to write on the dark. I got mine on ebay for 75$ and it only took 1 week for it to arrive from China.

I wanted to get a zebralight, but they are hard to import to Australia because of the expensive shipping. Armytek offers a 10 year no hassle warranty, which is pretty good in my opinion. Most torch companies offers 1-2 years warranty.

These lights are flood lights and max throwing distance is about 70 meters. Use one 18650 battery which I like since they have a 400-500 recharge use.

I dont know why cops do not use head lamps more often. Head lamps gives you freedom of using both hands, writing reports, and less likely of losing their torch is they are chasing someone. 8-)

Title: Re: Armytek Wizard and Zebralight H600w MK II
Post by dreadman on 11. Dec 2014 at 01:02
I did some research based on the information provided by owners of Zebralight, and most seem to have problems with the switch within or less than a year. Most feel that is a real shame because it is a great light, but they have not improved the quality of the switch. This info only applies to their heaplamps. I am not too sure about the rest of their products.

So far, my Wizard has not given me any problems nor have seen anyone report any. The only problem is that no one has owned it that long, but if I get any problems I will update.

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