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Title: The State of Security in NSW
Post by Administrator on 01. Feb 2015 at 17:58
The state of security in NSW. It makes you wonder.

STEALING, assault, stalking and illegal drugs — it’s a list of offences that Sydney’s security guards are supposed to help prevent.

But new figures show 164 of those who protect our clubs, shops and nightclubs had their licences revoked last year for committing such crimes themselves.

Fifty guards were convicted of stealing, 44 for assault, 38 for stalking and intimidation and 14 for drug offences in 2014. A further 12 licences were revoked for firearms offences and 12 more for affray charges.

The shock numbers from the NSW Police Force come as the Australian Security Industry Association (ASIAL) pushes for changes to prevent people bypassing the rigorous security training required in NSW by travelling interstate to get a licence.

Almost 80 per cent of guards operating in NSW with interstate licences came from Queensland, where the training requirements are more lax.

“The training requirements in QLD are not as robust as NSW,” Mr Fleming said.

“Some of them do go across the border to get their licence and come back here because they can get one quicker.

“It could mean there are guards who are not as qualified going out onto customer’s premises.”

Mr Fleming said the same standards for security licensing needed to be applied to all states and territories to ensure all guards were adequately trained.

“We need to ensure the training is similar across each state or territory and the rigorous assessment is the same,” he said.

Alarming new data reveals the number of security guards who had their licences revoked due to criminal activity.

PSG Security guard and supervisor John Chiefrai, 42, who supervises security at Dior in the city, said many people seeking fast employment were able to get a security licence much quicker and cheaper by going to Queensland.

“Guards from Sydney will go to Queensland for two days, get their full licence, then come back to NSW and all of a sudden they’re a qualified security guard,” Mr Chiefrai said.

“There’s a large percentage of guards in NSW who have dodged the system for easy employment and the wouldn't have a clue about the laws and the important stuff.”

Mr Chiefrai said he often turned away guards applying for jobs at PSG because they had not obtained their licences in NSW.

Triple 0 Security managing director Bill Duncan said despite the number of licences revoked last year, the situation was actually improving.

■ 48,159 class one and two security licences active in NSW

■ 164 individual licences revoked for criminal activity in 2014

■ 106 master licences revoked last year for unknown reasons

■ 57 licence applications refused for criminal activity in NSW last year

■ 2684 security licences in NSW obtained interstate and 80 per cent of them from Queensland

Title: Re: The State of Security in NSW
Post by Donald Raggs on 11. Jun 2015 at 17:16
How can unqualified guards going out onto customer’s premises it’s a serious issue.

Title: Re: The State of Security in NSW
Post by zayd687 on 18. Nov 2015 at 10:33
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