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1  New South Wales / NSW Security Contractors A to M / Re: Alfio Peter Merlino convicted of Sham Contracting
 on: 03. Jun 2020 at 19:19 
Started by Administrator | Post by Carl Smith  
Hi Nicky,

It looks like you have done a lot of searches on this guy.

I am going to make my inquires and see if they match.

2  General Category / Question and Answers / Applying For Security Licence in Victoria
 on: 25. Feb 2020 at 18:07 
Started by CaptainNoob | Post by CaptainNoob  
Hey guys, new to the forum, and as the title says..

I got my all my certificates (from cert II through to cash/transit) about 8 months ago, had my finger prints and hand-scan, then Life got in the way.

I forget what the next step is to obtain a license - and I know I have limited time until my certificates expire.

Do I have to go into a Police station or do I apply and fill out forms online - then mail copies of my certificates?

Cheers in advance.

3  General Category / Question and Answers / Re: Question about Working as an inhouse guard
 on: 23. Feb 2020 at 09:44 
Started by Coconutjoe | Post by Administrator  

Do you work in Victoria? If this is not the case then your licence will not be valid in any other state. Is your licence still valid time wise?

I am not familiar with Victorian laws but as far as I know a venue can employ its own security without any licence.

This is a page from the Victoria Police website

The important point is that you must be employed as a crowd controller and have the same conditions and pay as described under the Security Services Industry Award: https://www.fwc.gov.au/documents/documents/modern_awards/award/ma000016/default....

Also have a look at the OH&S page for crowd controllers https://www.worksafe.vic.gov.au/resources/crowd-control-venues-and-events-practi...

If you want any further information ring Victoria Police.

4  General Category / Question and Answers / Question about Working as an inhouse guard
 on: 21. Feb 2020 at 19:00 
Started by Coconutjoe | Post by Coconutjoe  
Hey all, ive been doing bar work at the local pub for a while now, and the boss noticed I have a security licence (Victorian) and he was talking about putting me on as security on the weekends.

Just have a few questions about it, is he allowed to put me on as security or does he/the venue need any sort of licence/documentation to be able to do this?

I've always been hired through a security company that just sends me to different venues every weekend.

Thanks everyone!

5  New South Wales / NSW Security Contractors A to M / Re: Alfio Peter Merlino convicted of Sham Contracting
 on: 15. Dec 2019 at 06:53 
Started by Administrator | Post by Nicky  
Adding to my previous post. During the early 1990s', Dovansa PTY LTD ( Investigated by ICAC and now deregistered ) which Alf Merlino directed owned All Night security and Alfs Investigations ( both businesses now deregistered ) All Night Security carried out static and alarm respond services for the education department and other clients. These alarms would sometimes be set off by the guards themselves so All Night Security would receive the radio call to attend, therefore, All Night Security would receive payment for the call out to attend. All Night Security were also involved in a well known scam back then. A scam where a guard would attend a property they patrolled and smash the shop front glass. Then then guard would call it in to radio, then call the glass company, ( several glass companies were involved ) and receive $100 spotters fee from the glass company. A good little earn back then for years 1989-91 when all this was happening.
Alf Merlino has broken every rule under the Security Protection Act. he is none other than a wanna be Al Capone who has watched far too many gangster movies and a very dangerous man with a gun, anyone will tell you that. As dangerous as the scumbag he once employed who is still serving time for an armed robbery in which he planned as a
security guard in which a mother was shot dead at point blank range with a high powered pistol in front of here then 17 year old son. The other pig involved escaped to Greece and to date is still wanted for being the mastermind behind this heinous crime. I won't mention names but people in the security industry back in 1994 when this crime occurred.
Alf Merlino also owns a limo business. I am wandering how many people he employs or once employed  were being ripped off.
Alf Merlino is nothing more than a crooked, corrupt and dishonest human being and nobody should have any dealings
whether personal or business with this man, he is dangerous.

6  New South Wales / NSW Security Contractors A to M / Re: Alfio Peter Merlino convicted of Sham Contracting
 on: 15. Dec 2019 at 05:19 
Started by Administrator | Post by Nicky  
This is the same person, Alf Merlino you are all talking about and yes... extremely corrupt and dishonest 30 years ago and 30 years later, nothing...absolutely nothing has changed. He has has scammed nearly, if not, everyone he has employed and has even sent a few bankrupt. He was once called All Night Security and Alf investigations. A failed Private Investigator who could not track down a herd of elephants in a snow field and was Investigated by The Independent Commission against Corruption in 1991-92. He is nothing more than dishonest, always has been and always will be. Let me tell you that he was not and probably still is not at all liked by NSW Police. Do not deal with him, Do not work for him, just have nothing to do with him.

7  General Category / General Board / Age barriers and self defence
 on: 19. Nov 2019 at 10:52 
Started by Nerdman | Post by Nerdman  
is Age 50 a barrier for entry into security guard industry? Once in, is it advisable to take up self defence such as karate, taekwondo etc?

8  General Category / Question and Answers / Re: Looking at getting into security
 on: 19. Nov 2019 at 05:20 
Started by Mungo | Post by Nerdman  
once Cert 2 completed, is it advisable to take up taekwondo, karate or similar? is there a preferred martial art for security guards?

9  General Category / Question and Answers / Re: Looking at getting into security
 on: 19. Nov 2019 at 05:12 
Started by Mungo | Post by Nerdman  
is age 50 a barrier for getting into security?

10  General Category / General Board / Advice on Starting security company in Victoria
 on: 06. Nov 2019 at 22:10 
Started by 230 | Post by 230  
Hi I am in the beginning stage of developing a security company has any got advice for me on the best way to do it.