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1  General Category / General Board / Re: New security firm needing advice from the pros
 on: Yesterday at 19:59 
Started by Maxwell | Post by allen  
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2  General Category / General Board / Re: Conduct outside of work hours can impact employment
 on: Yesterday at 19:59 
Started by Administrator | Post by allen  

3  General Category / General Board / Re: Sham Contracting at its Worst - Appco Group Australia
 on: Yesterday at 19:58 
Started by Administrator | Post by allen  

4  General Category / General Board / Re: Security guards involved in death of a shoplifter
 on: Yesterday at 19:57 
Started by Major Function | Post by allen  
really sad

5  General Category / General Board / Re: Bullying in the Workplace
 on: Yesterday at 19:54 
Started by Administrator | Post by allen  

6  General Category / General Board / Re: We feel safer working on deployment in warzones
 on: Yesterday at 19:52 
Started by dreadman | Post by allen  

7  General Category / General Board / Re: The black economy: A $40 billion black hole the Government is scrambling to plug
 on: 20. Jul 2017 at 10:20 
Started by dreadman | Post by Welsh  
They'll just tax tobacco more or invent a new tax or increase the excise on petrol AGAIN.

They could legalise and tax the ass out of Cannabis, You'd have people gagging to get it legally.
Instant cash cow for the Government,

8  Queensland / QLD Security Contractors N to Z / Re: VIP Security Services Pty Ltd
 on: 20. Jul 2017 at 10:10 
Started by Administrator | Post by Welsh  
This has been doing the rounds on different security facebook groups.

9  Queensland / QLD Security Contractors N to Z / VIP Security Services Pty Ltd
 on: 12. Jul 2017 at 17:11 
Started by Administrator | Post by Administrator  
A security company owner is facing the Federal Circuit Court after allegedly threatening to send staff “straight to the dole queue” if they spoke to Fair Work inspectors.

Legal action has commenced against Adam Marcinkowski and his company VIP Security Services Pty Ltd for allegedly taking unlawful adverse action against three employees.

It is alleged that in the weeks following the visits by inspectors, Marcinkowski also dismissed two guards, including one for refusing to sign a back-dated agreement (which would have retroactively removed his leave entitlements), and another after he failed to return to work immediately after spending several days in an intensive care unit with pneumonia.

The dismissal of the three workers allegedly contravened the section of the Fair Work Act that makes it unlawful to take adverse action against an employee for exercising a workplace right, such as taking personal leave or requesting assistance from the Fair Work Ombudsman.

VIP Security was contracted to provide security services at a range of Gold Coast City Council sites, including three libraries, for two years until April this year.

Fair Work Ombudsman inspectors visited some of these sites last year to check security staff were being paid their minimum lawful entitlements as part of a proactive campaign aimed at ensuring local government procurement of security services was compliant with federal workplace laws.

The FWO alleges that after the visits, Marcinkowski directed a supervisor to tell all security guards employed by VIP Security that if they spoke to Fair Work inspectors, their employment would be terminated.

During a telephone conversation, Marcinkowski allegedly said: “Can you just do me a favour, get around all the sites and if I hear that anyone of our guards has spoken to them (Fair Work), they can just f…… go straight to the dole queue”.

Marcinkowski allegedly also told the supervisor: “If they talk to those f……, if I find out who, that somebody’s talked to them, right, they’re getting the sack”.

It is alleged that Marcinkowski and VIP Security followed through on the threat, yelling at and later dismissing one full-time employee because he sought advice about his workplace rights from the Fair Work Ombudsman following a reduction in his hours. 

The conduct related to the worker who had been in hospital also contravened the section of the Fair Work Act that makes it unlawful to dismiss an employee who was temporarily absent from work because of a prescribed illness or injury. 

It is alleged that VIP Security and Marcinkowski also contravened workplace laws by underpaying three guards – the guard who had been hospitalised, the guard who refused to be converted to a casual employee and another guard - a total of $15,938 between April 2015 and June last year.

10  General Category / General Board / Senior patient attacked staff before death
 on: 10. Jul 2017 at 16:38 
Started by Administrator | Post by Administrator  

An 81-year-old patient tried to stab a nurse in the face with a pen and attacked other staff with a fire hose before he was allegedly killed by a security guard, a court has heard.

Theodorus van der Veen was admitted to Brisbane's Prince Charles Hospital in April 2016 for a possible bowel obstruction when he suddenly became violent.

Security guard Shane Kilgariff was charged with manslaughter after his attempt to restrain Mr van der Veen allegedly led to his death two weeks later.

Brisbane Magistrates Court heard on Monday the agitated and confused Mr van der Veen first attacked a doctor who had tried to calm him down.

Dr Timothy van den Berg told a committal hearing Mr van der Veen twisted his arm behind his back after swinging around and throwing his IV pole.

Mr van der Veen also aggressively twisted a young female nurse's arm and tried to stab a male nurse in the face with a pen.

He then backed himself into a dead-end and targeted staff with a fire hose.

"It was carnage" Dr van den Berg said.

The court heard Mr van der Veen flooded the corridor with about an inch of water, which was mixed with broken glass and ice from smashed paintings and a tipped-over ice machine.

Kilgariff is alleged to have restrained Mr van der Veen with a "rugby style tackle", causing the pair to fall to the floor with a "thud".

Dr van den Berg said Mr van der Veen showed no sign of head trauma immediately after the incident.

"He was cold, he was wet. Poor man was scared so I wanted to calm him down," he said.

"My first thought was to give him some dignity, give him a blanket, move him to a chair.

"I didn't walk away going 'gee that security guard did something outside of what he should have done'."

The hearing will continue on Tuesday