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Random drug and alcohol testing (Read 10927 times)
Reply #2 - 18. Nov 2015 at 10:35

zayd687   Offline
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i didnt know crowd controllers use marijuana i would of thought they would use anabolic steroids or cocaine.. perhaps they should check for those 2 instead esp in NSW

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Reply #1 - 14. Jun 2011 at 08:28

Kunta Kinte   Offline
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In Adelaide over the 2010 Xmas and New Year a "Blitz" on nightclubs was conducted, including the club in which i was working. I provided a sample which tested positive for cannabis and was asked to provide cause as to why I should retain my license which fortunately I was able to do.

My basic defense was:

"I was not under the effect of any proscribed substance,nor do I condone the use of proscribed drugs.
The test's low confirmation level of 15 ng/ml has produced a false positive, due possibly to either passive, second hand smoke exposure or residual exposure prior to obtaining a security license."

A test of 60 ng/ml would have been more definitive as studies have shown rare subjects to test as high as 23 ng/ml from passive smoke.

As a footnote the commissioner actually charged me with being under the influence of a "PREscribed" substance  Huh

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15. Jun 2009 at 15:00

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The new security laws have now been in place for around three years. During that time SA Police have conducted more than 900 random drug tests and over 2400 alcohol tests on crowdcontrollers. More recently in 2008, 33 licensees failed to attend their drug test appointment or had a positive testresult. As a result, 12 licences have been cancelled. The other licences have not been cancelled for a range of reasons, including because the test results were due to the use of drugs for legitimate medical purposes or they are still being processed.


Ah! Working in Security where finding the real thief could be your employer. Now is the time to check your super account.
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