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Pay rate system in South Australia (Read 5627 times)
Reply #1 - 05. Dec 2009 at 12:05

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Go to the web page:  http://www.abr.business.gov.au/(jjhu0aajivz3jb450ryj2o45)/main.aspx

From your payslip you will find the Australian Business Number of your employer.   Enter it and find out the company status of your employer.

If you work for a sole trader or partnership enterprise then nothing will change for you until 2011 when you will move from South Australian state workplace relations laws to Federal workplace relations laws like every state currently outside the Federal system.   You will be informed by South Australia Industrial Tribunal as to when and what to expect in a years time.

If you are employed by a Pty Ltd, Tust or Limited company then your working conditions are governed by the Federal system.   Under the Federal system if your workplace has a Employee Collective Agreement (ECA) in force or you are employed under an Australian Workplace Agreement (AWA) then nothing will happen until that agreement expires.   You should be made aware of any ECA and there should be a copy in a prominent place so you can refer to it.

If under the Federal system and your workplace does not have an ECA or you are not employed under an AWA, your workplace is governed by the Workchoices legislation where the payment penalties for overtime, weekend and shift were written out of the legislation with the purpose that employers and employees would negotiate an ECA to re-instate these penalties with trade offs in other areas.   This legislation fell neatly into the security companies hands which meant that if your pay and conditions were governed by a  Notional Agreement Preserving State Awards (NAPSA) and it expired then you would loose penalties.   If your employer incorporated after 27 March 2006 the employer did not have to pay penalty rates.   There was no reason for employers to negotiate an ECA with their employees.   If this is your situation and you are still getting penalties then you are one of the lucky ones.

What will happen on the 1 January 2010 is that all employees employed under the Federal System will be governed by the Security Services Award and they will have with better working condtions than they were under the Workchoices legislation and have their penalties re-instated.   You will not receive the pay rate under the Security Services Award but a proportion each year for 4 years of what your hourly rate is now and the hourly rate of the Security Services Award and the first pay rise will be on the 1 Jul 2010

The website pages try to explain this more fully:

Where You Stand:  http://www.ausecurityworker.com/Where%20you%20stand.htm

January 2010 http://www.ausecurityworker.com/january_2010.htm

South Australia:  http://www.ausecurityworker.com/south_australia.htm

Let me know if anything in these pages is confusing.   My aim with this website to to try to simplify a very confusing industrial relations system.


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04. Dec 2009 at 23:36

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Can someone please explain to me how the new laws will affect security guards from January 2010 and how the pay rate system works in South Australia?
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