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How ridiculous is the NSW SIR!!! (Read 6079 times)
Reply #1 - 21. May 2010 at 09:08
Tony Cav   Guest

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You are so true but look at the Police they cannot get numbers themself but if they do then after the officers training they leave only to become your boss in a Security Company Role wih NO REAL LIFE TRAINNING AT ALL. Security staff are there before, during and after the incident so we have a better understanding in general about this industry then the Police.

I'm looking at your comment and looked at the Police numbers and there training and knowledge when there in the field - it is not there.

If the Police cannot get numbers and they cannot train there own staff correctly the first time, my question then - why are they controlling the Security Industry at all?  Roll Eyes

How many times do you have an offender and that this person has done something but when you call the Police and then when ever they get there they question YOU!!!! even though you have CCTV footage of the incident and they still look at you thinking what do I do now?  Huh

I like the price for the Licence these days just for the guys and girls just to try to get a job and go to work and pay the bills. Lets say no the the larger fee's and if we all walk of the job guess what the Police will have very big problems now. Just think of the crime over night in the city and elsewhere?  Grin

Where is the pay rise for all long serving persons out there? No there leaving the industry in numbers and there is no reason why they want a job now when other industries are paying more for little work and the best thing and NO NIGHT SHIFTS or WEEKENDS.  Smiley

Over all there was no thought that went into this change but the idea to make life more shit for all of us. The winners are the training companies and the Police SIR.  Huh

I was interstate for some time and that on the return my CLASS 2 licence was also cancelled as it was on one licence. The upgrade was only for CLASS ONE and NOT CLASS TWO. I called the SIR and asked why and they did not want to know me at all and sent new paperwork to buy a new CLASS TWO Licence again just so I can pay the bills. They make there own rules as they go like everything else.  Cry

We are a team and we all should work together and make this a better industry for all of us today.  Lips Sealed

Oh - Hay union guy's and girls come on and help them...
Years ago when I started in the industry I paid only $32 for my licence and now $155 being a $123 rise in about 20 years. The pay has not changed much so why is the licence and training going up.....  Angry

It is about time there was a body over the POLICE to watch them too - we all need one !!!!!!!!

Cheers and be safe other all.  Smiley

FYI, check out this website - policeone.com  Roll Eyes
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08. Feb 2010 at 02:44

Ex-Security2011   Offline
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I've just done my PRS30103 Cert III electives to get my 1B and 1F license categories (I got a fair bit of RPL for the Firearms stuff), and I have come to the conclusion that the new license system was designed by a moron (or many.....  Shocked  )

So getting to the point, in NSW you need to do the Cert III core units before you specialise into 1B, 1D, 1E, 1F(CIT) or 1F(N-CIT).

Then you need these electives to do Cash In Transit work (only by RPL, unless you work for Armaguard or Chubb):

PRSSO310A Control security risk situation using firearms
TDTO898B Implement cash-in-transit security procedures
TDT0998B Test and inspect cash-in-transit security equipment
TDT4198B Undertake cash-in-treansit loading and unloading in an unsecured environment

or these for Non-CIT armed guarding (Only by RPL except the last one):

PRSSO310A Control security risk situation using firearms
PRSSO311A Prepare and present evidence in court
PRSSO320A Plan and conduct evacuation of premises
PRSSO321A Provide for safety of persons at risk

and to get your bodyguard license you have to do these:

RSSO210A Control access to and exit from premises
PRSSO211A Monitor and control individual and crowd behaviour
(both category 1C Cert II units)
PRSSO321A Provide for safety of persons at risk

And here's where it gets stupid:

In NSW even if you hold a 1B license to protect a person, you can't carry a firearm or batons/cuffs (even for self defense); however if you have 1F(CIT) you CAN carry all those to protect cash or valuables  Huh

BUT you can't use a firearm to protect the cash; the gun is there for you to protect your life or that of another person! Can you see where this is getting silly?

And then, the SIR makes 'Provide safety for persons at risk' an elective unit for 1F(N-CIT)! I wish they'd make up their mind!

So technically you don't need your Bodyguard license to protect a person wearing a $20,000 diamond necklace, all you need is a 1F (CIT) license; because you can still use the gun to protect their life, or yours, if it's threatened AND you can carry a baton to protect your gun   Smiley

How freaking ludicrous are these 'new' regulations!!

Oh, and their new P-plater rules stuffed up the prohibited weapons regulations for them too; because even though a bodyguard or crowd controller can't carry batons/cuffs, a 2D trainer can carry them whenever 'training'. So as long as they are supervising a Provisional License holder, a trainer can carry a baton in a crowd control or bodyguard role!  Grin

Oh what a messed up industry we work in!  Cheesy

Okay, rant over.....
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