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Rent A Cop Security (Read 36681 times)
02. Dec 2010 at 16:45

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Hi Drew

Nitestar pays a flat rate wihich is below the old Security Industry Contractors Award 2004, Rent A Cop is a bit of a dogy operation and pays below the Award. SSS Security has a EA and actually pays above that agreement (I believe after been stung by the Ombudsman they dont want to get stung again) RSA I don't know about they may pay to the Award.

Stay away from Furgal Knight and Sergant Security. No I think if you, even though you may make a loss in the first few month with your own vehicle in Ipswich you will pick up a few new coustmers.

There is already a few Pride Security vehicles in the area, however I notice one is carring a ladder. Not sure why one would want a ladder on a patrol vehicle.

But more important as an employer you would want reliable security companies and security officers.

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