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How You Can Use This Forum (Read 1518 times)
08. Oct 2014 at 10:08

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To those out there,

We have criminal laws in Australia to protect us from having crimes committed on us. The institution responsible for policing those laws are the police. If we find anyone breaking those laws we report them to police

We have workplace laws in Australia to maintain a and equal standard of living. The institution responsible for policing those laws is the Fair Work Ombudsman. If we find anyone breaking those laws we should report them to the Fair Work Ombudsman.

In each case if we fail to report breaches to these laws the criminals escape prosecution and gain confidence and offend against these laws repeatedly until having these laws in place becomes worthless. In turn the rule of law breaks down and we have the situation that exists in third world countries.

When we report cases of employers breaking the Fair Work Act 2009, we are asked to provide proof for the FWO to successfully prosecute. If we do not provide proof, the FWO places the offending company on a list.

The FWO periodically targets an industry for offending companies and they have the power to fully investigate a company's employment records. They do not have the resources to check all companies so they come equipped with a list of likely offenders made up of all complaints they cannot prosecute individually. When they investigate and find an offending company they are able to force that company to back pay all former and current employees the monies that is owed to them. See the FWO media releases: http://www.fairwork.gov.au/About-us/news-and-media-releases

I know this system works because in the past I have reported companies that have offended by not paying me what I was entitled to. I once worked for a company where the failed to pay superannuation entitlements. I quit the company and they failed to pay out my holiday pay. I complained to FWO on the holiday pay and the Australian Tax Office on the superannuation and they forced the company to pay me what I was entitled to.

I cases I was able to supply proof the FWO prosecuted, where I could not, the FWO added them to a list. I was pleased to find those companies were targeted in an industry crack down.

If there are those who fear retribution if they report an employer, then create a thread on a particular offending company on this forum detailing what you know of the company's pay rates and working conditions. This thread will not take long before it attains search engine result in either the first or second  search page if someone searches the company name. I know FWO staff monitor this forum.

Others who are researching this company will find this thread and will know what the pay rates and working conditions will be before they apply for work with this company.

You are guaranteed anonymity because you use a 'handle' as a name when you post on this forum. No one can find out your identity because I will not provide anyone with your details.  Cool  
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Ah! Working in Security where finding the real thief could be your employer. Now is the time to check your super account.
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