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Introduction to Access Control (Read 1409 times)
19. Jan 2017 at 19:31

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contro is a system which enables you to control authority of who has access to certain areas to your building, like home, office, farm and so on. In the past years, people always using locks and keys to secure their buildings and this can lead to theft or crime easily. But now with access control systems, it will automatically lock all the doors controlled by the system. Then, how many types of access control there are and what components should be included in an access control system? Today you can read them here briefly.
1.Types of Access Control 

There are two main types access control system which is standalone access control and online access control.

A standalone controller may be used for controlling access on one or many individual doors in a building. People can get access to these doors by using a numeric code, a PIN with a keypad, biometric reader or by presenting a proximity or magstripe token.

On the other hand, Online Access control systems are programmable both stand alone and from a computer. The engineers keypad gives access to all the user and engineers functions. This means the controller can be installed and operational without a PC or network. This type of system can generate reports to see which individuals went where within the building, and also reports the time these events happened. Additional buildings can be controlled by this type of system via an existing LAN/WAN. Other services within buildings, for example fire doors, are increasingly being controlled by networked access control systems.2.Basic Components of An Access Control System 

No matter what kind of access control technology you choose, there are some basic products that should be count.

Access controls
Using access cards, you can get access to the door directly, each access card is uniquely encoded. Also, you can customize your own cards from many of manufacturers of AimSecu, which is a B2B platform that connects global manufactures and all-areas of system integrators around the world with a central market place that serves the best security industry class solution and ease of global trading experience.

Card readers
Card readers are the devices used to electronically "read" the access card. You can mount it on the exterior side of your door.

Access Control /Management Software
The software used in access control systems are designed to feel familiar to any Windows user. Access control privileges and reports on users are some of the features that the access control software offer. Different permission levels are available to select to restrict access to certain areas. A login and password must be entered to be able to use the software to manage the access control.

With these security access control equipment, a simple security solution could be set up easily, for more access control list, you can refer to AimSecu

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